Rude Mechanicals

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The Rude Mechanicals is a student run theatre group fostering community and inciting creativity by providing students across the University the opportunity to work on all aspects of a full-scale production.

From costumes, to actors, to set design, directors, stage managers and producers, all aspects of a Rude Mechanicals production are run by students.


Michael Newberry and Christopher Nitchie founded the Rude Mechanicals in the Fall of 1996. The two Sophomore Engineering students had a mutual love of theatre, particularly Shakespeare. They noticed there were few opportunities for non-theater students to work on theater at a University level, so they decided to make their own theatre organization on campus. 

 At the time, the University Activities Center had a committee called SophShow. Mike and Chris transformed this group into the Rude Mechanicals. They produced one non-musical performance a year, with no restrictions on the age of the cast. The first production was King Lear in the Fall of 1996, followed by A Few Good Men in Winter 1997.

 Since then, the Rude Mechanicals have consistently produced one Shakespeare show each school year in addition to works by more contemporary playwrights, such as Edward Albee, Steve Martin, and Tennessee Williams.

Current cast from “A Streetcar Named Desire” (WN 2019)

Current cast from “A Streetcar Named Desire” (WN 2019)


Rude Mechanicals produces two productions per year, one each semester. To learn more about how to get involved in acting, designing or directing, follow us on social media or send us an email at!

Much Ado About Nothing (WN 2017)

Much Ado About Nothing (WN 2017)

Let the Right One in (FA 2018)

Let the Right One in (FA 2018)


Rude Mechanicals Producers

Sam Allen: (right)

Eli Rallo: (left)