What is Quiz Bowl? 

Quiz Bowl is a team-based academics competition.

What kind of questions are asked?

Anything from literature, history, science, arts, and pop culture. 

I haven't played Quiz Bowl before. Can I still join? 

Of course! We encourage anyone who is interested to join. We are a non-cut activity. 

Typically, the game is played between two teams of up to four players each. There are two types of questions: toss-ups and bonuses. Toss-ups, worth 10 points each, are longer questions in which successive clues leading up to the answer become less obscure. Players can buzz in at any time during which the question is being read, but incorrect responses will result in negative points. Buzzing in early enough and providing a correct answer can result in power (+5 points). Team mates may not confer with one another on toss-ups. The team whose player answers the toss-up correctly receives a bonus question. This is a set of 3 shorter, related questions worth 10 points each. Team mates may confer with each other on bonus questions. There are no bounce backs. 

How is Quiz Bowl played?

We travel to other universities (usually in the Midwest) to compete with other collegiate teams. Upcoming tournaments are posted on this website and will also be announced at practice. 

How do you compete?

How do I sign up for a tournament?